Get Fresh Beef to Your Doorstep

Arrange for a beef delivery in Clyde, Cisco or Sweetwater, TX

You don't always have time to get out to the market or visit Clifton Farms directly to stock up on your favorite local beef. That doesn't mean you have to go without meat from your preferred supplier.

Instead, let us bring our fresh beef products to your doorstep. We offer beef delivery services to clients in the Clyde, Cisco & Sweetwater, TX area. Whether you need meat delivered to your restaurant to restock your kitchen or to your home to prepare for dinner, we've got your back. Get beef delivery to your property today.

Consider the reasons to take advantage of our delivery options

Wondering what makes our beef delivery services worth getting? You'll also want to take advantage of our beef delivery because...


  • We deliver free to clients within 20 miles for small custom orders.
  • We will deliver for free up to 150 miles for half beef order and up to 250 for whole beef order.
  • We transport our beef in a temperature-controlled trailer or cooler.
  • We offer delivery services for all orders, unlike most of our competition.




It's time to simplify the beef-buying process. Reach out to someone at our farm today.



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